Charcoal- Facial Mask

Yuck! LOL it looks Like I’m ready to hide out in the jungle…So if you’ve heard of charcoal then you probably know of its many powerful uses for medicinal, cleansing, detoxing etc.  I have struggled with acne for quite a while, 7 years to be exact. I’ve never been on prescription for it but I have used several gels, treatments, masks, soaps and scrubs. They all worked in their own different ways, but one thing I noticed was they all seemed to leave my face dry and “chapped” after prolonged usage. Since I’ve been trying to become more natural and healthy I’ve tried avoiding the store bought acne treatments and started researching home remedies. But before I tell you what exactly I found let me explain to you that there are several different causes to acne, mine is from a combination of  external aggravation and food sensitivities mostly from starches like potatoes or certain grains, but also caffeine. Steph has just posted some information to help trouble shoot what causes acne. I’ve by no means found the answer to acne problems for everyone but after doing some reading I found that charcoal because of its binding properties and ability to draw toxins out of the skin makes a great mask. I used one tablespoon of Raw Honey, one tablespoon of Activated Charcoal Powder, and about one teaspoon of Bee Immune (bee propolis) and some essential oils: one-two drops each tea tree, lavender. One-two tablespoons of a carrier oil like sweet almond oil. After mixing all this together you have what looks and feels like a tarry mess. After rinsing your face smear this glop all over to make a full face mask or just apply it to the affected area. Leave on skin for at least five minutes (I have left it on for as long as an hour). After the time has past wash the “tar” off with warm water. Pat your face dry, you may want to wash your face with your favorite soap to get the charcoal residue completely off. Now from here I either spritz my face with Laveshmint Toner and Moisturizer followed by Miracle or go directly to the Miracle spreading a thin layer over the break out. I try to do all this 30-40 minutes Before I go to bed so that it has time to absorb into my skin (so it doesn’t rub off onto my pillow).

NOTE: These particular ingredients were chosen for their different abilities to fight acne. Charcoal  because it draws out infection, propolis is anti viral, tea tree oil is anti-bacterial, and lavender is anti-inflammatory. I’m still trying different proportions of the ingredients and adding different things. The first time I tried this I didn’t use a carrier oil and ended up burning my face with the essential oils (ouch!) I have yet to add Bee Strong (Bee pollen) to this mix, but can’t wait to try it (its supposed to exfoliate really well).  One thing to keep in every blend for sure is the honey, it leaves the face feeling fresh and soft, perhaps thats why mine doesn’t feel dried out afterward…..any homemade face mask recipe is not complete with out a little honey…..Well thats all for now hopefully I will find the “perfect” blend….maybe if I just stopped eating chocolate and potatoes….(sigh)…Wait! Those are my two favorite comfort foods!! I can’t stop both at the same time!!! AHHH!!

Hope you have a great time trying this…. 😀

9 responses to “Charcoal- Facial Mask

  1. Ok Liz, you have me sold. I am really thinking I might just try this. Even though I absolutely HATE washing my face….but I’m just about ready to try anything right now. My mom found a whole “cure acne” sight where you do a juice fast and such, but with us already being on the Primal diet, I’m going to try this and eating better before I do a juice fast.

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  3. I hope to try this mask soon!! It sounds so great! I use Lavishmint moisturizer in the morning and the Miracle at night…. i need to do it sooner before i got to bed though like you said because it does get on my pillow sometime.

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